Why become a member?
The Long Beach Young Republicans  provides you a platform to promote Conservative and Libertarian values within  your community.  You don't have to live in Long Beach, you can utilize the tools provided to you at home.  This is the best way to make a difference in your community.  
You'll be able to participate in all of our meetings and social events.  You'll also be invited to conventions, regional conferences, and local events you otherwise might not have had access to or even known about.  You'll never be bored once you're a member of the Long Beach Young Republicans.  
Joining the Long Beach Young Republicans is the best way to network with like-minded indivduals.  Our members come from all backgrounds.  Whether you have a background in finance, sales, law, etc., there are many people you can meet.  We are not just a political organization but a family of Republicans.  By joining the Long Beach Young Republicans, you'll have a lifetime of friendships.  .  
Your Donation
Your membership dues keep us going as an organization.  The events we have are possible because of our members.  Not only does your membership benefit the Long Beach Young Republicans, it benefits you!  You'll have the platform to spread your conservative or libertarian voice, a busy social calendar, and an opportunity to make new friends.  Why not see what we are all about?
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We would love for you to be part of the Long Beach Young Republicans family.  Once a member you'll immediatly benefit from what our organization has to offer.  We cannot wait to get to know you!