Become a member of the Long Beach Young Republicans.  Interact with other like-minded young professionals in Long Beach who believe Conservative principles are what will help rebuild Long Beach.  
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California Republican Party
Spring Organizing Convention 2019
February 22-24, 2019
Sacramento, CA

We are turning Long Beach Red!

Become part of the organization that is going to turn Long Beach red.  Whether it's through walking precincts or registering voters, we are bringing back hope to Long Beach.  Long Beach already is a great place to live, but we want to make it better.  We hope you can join in the movement.

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Become a member of the Long Beach Young Republicans.  There is no better time to join than now.  Meet like-minded people here in Long Beach.  Every third Friday of the month we meet up to discuss politics.  With the Long Beach Young Republicans  you have the opportunity to take action in your community.   
Stay up to date with what the Long Beach Young Republicans are  doing.  Updates are posted monthly.  Be sure to also add us on Facebook since events will  be posted there as well.  

Our mission

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Our number one mission is to take action and turn Long Beach red.  Unfortunately this nation has become a nation of complainers rather than doers.  However you will not hear any complaining within the Long Beach Young Republicans.  We believe the only way to see the change we want is by taking action ourselves.  
The Long Beach Young Republicans  is  a group that takes action through spreading the Conservative message, walking precincts, making calls, and registering voters.  We cannot do it without the support of our sponsers.  Help aid us in our movement to turn Long Beach red!